Born and raised in New York City, Alexandra (Alie) Cirgenski received her MBA from McGill University and is passionate about working with start-ups, data-driven products that bring purpose and direction, and values-based companies or enterprises that deliver social or environmental benefits to communities. Prior to moving to Montreal for business school, she ran the Brooklyn chapter of an all female arm wrestling troupe Five Borough Ladies Arm Wrestling (5blaw.com) that uses neo-philanthropy to raise money for local organizations providing support for marginalized individuals in society. While pursuing her MBA, Alie co-founded a non-profit called Projet Bleuet (projetbleuet.ca), which works with Montreal based educators and individuals who are interacting with youth in auxiliary settings and are seeking the proper tools to deal with challenging behavior and for all four yeas in business school, she sat on the executive board of the Center for Community Organizations (https://coco-net.org/) in Montreal. With a background in design, art, and architecture, after business school, Alie became involved in various maker-space projects that reflect the inter-disciplinary collaborative nature of the social economy and worked on a clean-tech solar energy project in China.

Alie is currently living and working in Los Angeles, where she is the Managing Director for YouGov’s most innovative product lines. She reports directly to CEO and CFO and was promoted from Head of Growth to lead the entire team of YouGov Safe & Signal while being responsible for the overall performance of the business and continuing to lead all commercial sales, business development, product growth and strategic positioning of digital product line of Signal & Safe.   YouGov Signal is the most sophisticated data visualization and tracking tool out there, and YouGov Safe allows people to securely share their online and app data for compensation across a variety of zero-party data sources like Netflix, YouTube, browsing history etc. As Managing Director for both products, she strives to position and develop the products to not only fit the needs of her immediate clients, but the needs of the market overall so both can continue to evolve and succeed. She is in charge of all commercial business, strategic planning, product marketing, go-to-market strategy, branding al key client partnerships. In her down time, she spends the remainder of her time playing with her daughter, in her backyard ceramics studio or probono consulting for social enterprises.

Specialties include: Growth marketing, digital marketing, data and technical proficiency, product development, sales and business development, performance marketing, strategic communications and branding, strategic planning, financial and human capital tracking, cash flow analysis, project management, sustainable development planning, impact measurement KPI’s, strategic positioning, competitive analysis, communication, organizational assessment, long-term visioning and missioning, data analysis, CRM, contracts and negotiations, logistics, and workflow tracking.

Are you a female or minority-owned business? Do you have a business or artistic endeavour you need advice on? Get in touch! I offer free consulting services to artists, small businesses and individuals who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it because starting a business is hard.