Net-Zero Waste Solar Building


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TeamMTL sought my consulting services under the role of a Sponsorship Director to develop a sponsorship package and plan to fundraise for their net-zero waste solar building module to compete in the upcoming China International Solar Decathlon Competition in 2017.

Originally launched by the US Department of Energy (DOE) in 2002, China International Solar Decathlon Competition is a green energy building competition involving participants from universities from four continents. The 2017 competition will be held in Dezhou – the sun city of China.

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The competition mandate is to design and build a fully functionally, high-comfort, and sustainable dwelling by inventively uniting clean and renewable energy technologies, high-performance building strategies, energy conservation and environmental stewardship principles with innovative architectural design. Proposals will promote the development of green buildings and enhance ecological awareness in addressing sustainable development including viable commercialization strategies.

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 Each team is required to design and build a two-story, solar-powered house with a  floor area of 120-200 m2 (1290-2150 ft2). The house must aim for the permanent use of one single family. Every house must be equipped with all necessary household appliances such as TV, refrigerator, cooktop, dishwasher, washing machine and computer, and provide household electric vehicle as well as its matched charging device, while all appliances must be powered by solar energy. The jury will evaluate the house’s cost feasibility, power efficiency, environment adaptability, power generation capacity, and architectural quality. Final judging is determined by a total of ten contests.

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 2.42.13 PMTeamMTL is committed to designing a house that will respond to both the Montreal and Dezhou socio-cultural, economic, and environmental context. The sponsorship package will highlight the high level of exposure that this project will offer in China, specifically as an opportunity to showcase products and services at an international level. Company logos will be displayed on the TeamMTL Solar Decathlon website, through social media channels, flyers and other collateral documents, apparel and of course the construction sites. Sponsorship will be credited in all related academic and conference dissemination.